Peter Clinch  

May 162013

Name: Peter Clinch

Born:  December 1971

Date Joined IAC:  September 1987

Personal Bests:

Track :

100m 12.2(1988)

200m 25.1 (1988)

400m 51.2 (relay)

600m 83.3(1999)

800m 1.55.5 (1999)

1500m 4.03.3 (1997)

3000m  9.07

5000 15.56 (1997)
3000m steeplechase. 9.55.1 (2003),


5k 16.55 Barking Park  1990

10k 33.07 (Battersea Park London Colleges League, 1992. This was
almost certainly a short course but I’m taking it.

Half Marathon 1 hour 54 mins  Yellow Advertiser 1985
Representative Honours: None. Boo hoo.

Most Satisfying Performances: 800m. My PB beating Wayne Hick’s by 0.1

My Biggest Disappointment: Not getting under 44 secs for 400m. Not running
faster over 800 -and being serious for just a moment, probably should have
done so (the latter).

Typical Weeks Training: Was is training?

Favourite Sessions: As a senior, something like 6 x 400 with 2 and a half
mins recovery, as vet 6 x Stella Artois with V+R recoveries.

Who is your Greatest Rival: General apathy and numerous personal demons

How would you improve the sport of Athletics: Ban football

Favourite Car: Austin A30

Favourite Athlete or Sportsperson: John Platt

What other sports do you follow: Athletics and mud wrestling

Best Country Visited: Cornwall.

Favourite Food and Drink: Chips with Gravy

Favourite TV Shows: Ben 10 is rather imaginative

Last Film Seen: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Last Book Read: The Gruffalo

Favourite Singer/Band: Craig Burrow

Last Album Bought: Can’t remember. Refer to favourite Vet training session

Last Concert Attended: The Stranglers; Shepherd’s Bush

Do you have any Pets: Memories of a former cat.

With you going on first leg, who else would be in your dream 4 x 400m team:
Ooh now that’s a toughie, something like: Me, handing on to Pierre Le
Clinche, who in turn hands to Pedro Crunch with P Clinchmeister bringing the
baton home. 2:58.9. Sorted


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