Warriors of Time

Endurance Training Group



The ‘Warriors of Time’ Endurance Training Group was formed in November 2011 when half a dozen runners decided to train together to improve their times for 10km and 10 mile races. The success of this group soon became apparent and others joined the squad.

We are based at Ilford Athletic Club’s Cricklefields Stadium. The Warriors are now an established squad on the local endurance scene and have enjoyed success in the British Masters Championships, Essex Championships and many road races. The group train together on Tuesday, Thursday and some Saturdays with guidance from Rob Sargent, a UKA Level 3 Performance Coach in Endurance Events.

Runners in the group can be individually coached, work from a provided schedule or just join in with the group sessions. The squad is open to everyone over 17 and looking to train for distances from 800m to the marathon.

If you have any questions or enquiries about the Warriors of Time e-mail: warriorsoftime@hotmail.com

Mission Statement


The aim of the ‘Warriors of Time’ endurance training group is to promote running and a healthy lifestyle among its members. This will be achieved by providing coaching towards long term development of athletes at middle and long distance, generally for runners aged 17 plus and regardless of club affiliation. The group is not elitist and will welcome anyone, male or female, who recognises the need to use a structured approach towards improvement.

The philosophy is that anyone can improve their running, no matter their initial standard and the aim is to assist the athlete reach their full potential in junior, senior or masters’ competition at local, county, national and international levels.




The training philosophy of the ‘Warriors of Time’ endurance training group is based on the principles of legendary coach Arthur Lydiard. Along with the teachings of Bill Bowerman, Bruce Tulloh, Cliff Temple and Frank Horwill and the more recent methods of Bud Baldaro and Alberto Salazar.

The year is generally divided into two macrocycles culminating with a major competition depending on the runner’s individual target. Each macrocycle begins a weeks rest after the major competition. It commences with a gradual build-up of running to re-establish the base
conditioning and increasing the endurance and stamina. During the last weeks of the base phase hill repetitions are added to increase muscle strength and improve form. Fast strides and drills are carried out as alactic work. Core strength and dynamic flexibility are in the programme all year to promote core strength, range of motion and to reduce the risk of injury.

Following the base training phase VO2Max intervals, at just below the anaerobic threshold, are introduced, along with controlled tempo
runs. As the competition phase approaches the emphasis will be on ‘race pace’ interval work and some anaerobic repetitions

Each athlete in the group brings different abilities and talents and may respond differently therefore training needs to be individualised. However, there is power and positives of training in a group.It is the responsibility of the coaching staff to maximise the potential of
each athlete by providing an appropriate mix of training methods and arranging the sessions so the next level is reached.

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