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Boxing Day 2016 – Guest Alfie Hick Wins Boxing Day Handicap.
14 runners contested  this years Boxing Day Handicap with  nearly half the field being made up from the Hick family. Compasses will be issued next year. Results are below.

Time Handicap Net Time
1 Alfie Hick 35.47 12 23.47
2 Rob Sargent 36.03 6 30.03
3 George Hick 36.35 12 24.35
4 Wayne Hick 36.43 13 23.43
5 Alun Jones 37.06 8 29.06
6 Martin Clarke 37.25 7 30.25
7 Pam Jones 38.07 0 38.07
8 Di Crisp 38.13 10 28.13
9 Neil Crisp 39.28 17 22.28
10 Seb Parris 39.35 17 22.35
11 Charlie Hick 39.56 12 27.56
12 Diarmuid MacConnell 40.1 16 24.1
13 Karl Hick 40.43 15 25.43
14 Billy Green 42.52 11 31.52

Boxing Day 2015 – Quick Hick Wins Boxing Day Handicap.
A record field of 17 brushed aside the excesses of Christmas day to toe the line at the Club’s 7th annual Ilford AC Boxing Day handicap.
The race takes place over 3 miles of some of the muddiest sections of Hainault Forest. First to go off was Doris Gaga and then the other athletes at regular intervals until finally after 11 minutes scratch man Ahmed Abdulle set off.
Ernie Forsyth had quickly overtaken, Doris and was the leader at half way, but 11 year old Matthew Hick was moving through the field, together with his father Wayne. Further back Tom Gardner was rapidly gaining ground. However scratch runner Ahmed had trouble with the local wildlife and had to hide behind a tree to let both horses and dogs go past him.

Boxing Day Handicap 2015

Entering the last stretch of the race the Hick family were still leading the way and young Matthew held on to win bragging rights. His winning time was 26 minutes exactly, which was 26 seconds clear of his father. In 3rd place was Tom Gardner who ran not only the fastest time of the day 19.46, but the second fastest time in the events history. First lady home was Mel Jones in 4th place in a time of 27.22. Other places were:- 5th Steve Philcox 21.01, 6th Neil Crisp 22.49, 7th Bradley Brown 24.46, 8th Sam Rahman 21.30, 9th Ahmed Abdulle 20.51, 10th Jenni Sheehan 26.25, 11th Ernie Forsyth 31.13, 12th Declan Cullen 27.58, 13th Martin Clarke 29.04, 14th Nikki Fairbairn 33.04, 15th Doris Gaga 35.37, 16th Billy Green 32.49, 17th Rob Sargent 34.19



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