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Reg St. Pier
I worked with Chris at Ford's Tractors Basildon and became great friends. His proudest memento was a letter from the Essex Athletics thanking him for the one point scored when he got up and finished his race after falling at a misplaced hurdle. That point gave Essex the victory in the competition. A great guy.
Hi Gerry,
Thank you for the e.mail

I am In some area in Germany near Austria and well oiled, so please excuse me if some of this is a sentimental ramble, Chis was one of my early years three Icons. Who were the other two, Peter Snell and a British race walk!

I am reflecting on a few of my life changing interactions which I have always carried and cherished and built on; this especially includes the wisdom and integrity passed on by Chris.

My first real meeting with Chris and future coach and mentor to be, Alf Pells was at my first big race meeting competing in a 600m race at 17 year old, running against a field of senior internationals - i did not come last!, I always adopted an attitude, if they want to beat me they must get in front of me!

To be honest, Chris never mixed his metaphors towards me, which I respected and in time helped me become a better athlete and person. Chris knew his trade, and many benefited from his wisdom... It was a great time to be a member of lIford Athletics Club, Chris was a key personality in the Club's vibrant environment and drive to be special.

Chris truly helped many youngsters through our early years and for me personally he became a trusted friend and confidante,

As the old saying goes, Chris - "I look forward to meeting up with you in the after life."

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