Club Rules  


                                      ILFORD ATHLETIC CLUB


1. NAME That the Club be known as “ILFORD ATHLETIC CLUB”.

2. OBJECT That the object of the Club be the provision of
athletics under the rules of UK ATHLETICS
(hereinafter called U.K.A.).

3. COLOURS That the colours be : One Dark Blue Hoop above a
Light Blue Hoop around a White Vest and optional royal blue

4. MEMBERSHIP That all candidates for election to membership
of the Club, with the exception of honorary members, must be
as currently defined by U.K.A..

5. ELECTION That candidates for election shall complete the form
of application for membership and be proposed by one member
and seconded by another, acceptance by any three Executive
Officers, subject to ratification by two-thirds of the Executive
Officers and Officers present at the next committee meeting
being necessary to secure election. Candidates
under 17 years of age must have the application form countersigned
by a parent or a guardian.

6. LIFE MEMBERSHIP That life membership of the Club, free from
all subscriptions (other than England Athletics (EA) competition licence
fee if still an active competitor), be conferred only at the Annual General
Meeting (A.G.M.).
That names for election to a Life Membership of the Club be
proposed to the General Committee at least one month before the
Annual General Meeting and must receive the approval of the
Committee before being submitted to the A.G.M.

7. MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION That the Club annual Membership
Subscriptions be those fees proposed by the General Committee
and decided by the A.G.M. each year. Notwithstanding subscriptions for
active competitors shall be automatically increased by the current applicable
EA competition licence fee without A.G.M. approval

Subscriptions shall be due on 1st April each year.

Only the Membership Officer and the Executive Officers shall be
permitted to collect subscriptions.

N.B.1 Family Membership subscription shall be at the discretion of
the General Committee.

N.B.2 The General Committee will consider whole or part waiver of
the Membership Subscription in genuine cases of hardship.

8. SUBSCRIPTION ARREARS That members in arrears with
subscriptions shall be dealt with according to U.K.A. rule 3(9)(i) :
The General Committee shall have the power to expel any member whose
subscription is 12 months in arrears, provided a month’s notice in
writing shall have been sent to such member addressed to his/her
last known postal and/or email address informing him/her of the
proposed action of the General Committee.

9. RESIGNING That any member who wishes to resign from the
Club shall give notice in writing to the General Secretary and
the resignation, if accepted, shall be operative from the date of
such notice. The Committee shall consider such an application and
may refuse or delay it if the member is considered to be under
any liability (financial or otherwise) to the Club.
Any member, not having tendered his/her resignation by the 1st
April in any year shall remain liable for the subscription due
on that date. The date of resignation shall then be the date on
which the debt is discharged. In the event of any dispute relating
to this rule, U.K.A. rules apply.

HONORARY POSITIONS That the Annual General Meeting
shall be held on, or before, 30th March each year, all members
to receive at least fourteen days notice of the meeting at which,
by a majority of members attending, the following shall be elected :-


Chairman of Committees
General Secretary
Financial Officer
Development Officer


Membership Officer
Media and Publicity Officer
Track and Field Officer
Cross Country and Road Officer
Walking Officer
Officials/Track and Field Meetings Co-ordinating Officer
Social Events Officer
Coaches Co-ordinating Officer
Schools Liaison Officer
Welfare Officer


President Elect
Mens’ Track and Field Team Manager
Mens’ Track and Field Captain
Mens’ Cross Country and Road Team Manager
Mens’ Cross Country and Road Captain
Ladies’ Track and Field Team Manager
Ladies’ Track and Field Captain
Ladies’ Cross Country and Road Team Manager
Ladies’ Cross Country and Road Captain
Walking Team Manager
Walking Captain
Young Athletes Team Managers and Captains

Only members may attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting.

General Meeting (E.G.M.) must be called by the General Secretary within
14 days of the receipt by him/her of a request in
writing signed by ten members stating the reason why such
meeting shall be called. No other business shall be dealt with at
such meeting. All members to receive at least seven days notice of
the Meeting. Only members may attend and vote at such Meeting.

12. MANAGEMENT That the management of the Club shall be vested
in a General Committee and Section Sub-Committees as indicated.
The General Committee shall deal with all Club matters relating to
third parties and finance, and any matters not covered by a
Section Sub-Committee, and shall consist of those officers and
members indicated in rule 10 a) and b). The Executive Officers are
ex-officio members of all Committees.

13. GENERAL COMMITTEE MEETINGS That the General Committee
shall meet at least once every two months, five members present forming
a quorum.

14. ALTERATION OF RULES That no alteration in or addition to the
Rules be made except at the A.G.M..or an E.G.M. Notice of any proposed
alteration or addition shall be sent to the General Secretary at least 14 days
prior to the A.G.M. or an E.G.M. for circulation to all Members..

15. MISCONDUCT That any member infringing the Rules of U.K.A.,
or otherwise misconducting himself or herself, be reported to the
General Committee, who may order such member to be suspended
or expelled from the Club, a two-thirds majority of those present
and voting being necessary.

16. CHAMPIONSHIPS No trophies, medals or awards shall be made
to members that have not paid the Membership Subscription unless
they are exempt from doing so.

17. AUDITORS That two Honorary Auditors be appointed at each

18. SUBJECTS NOT IN RULES That any subject not provided for in
these Rules shall be dealt with by the General Committee, whose decision
shall be final.

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