Press Report 23rd December 2017  

Dec 232017

Ilford Christmas Relay
Cricklefields Stadium
Tuesday 19 December

The annual Ilford AC Christmas relay took place at their home track at Cricklefields Stadium. The clubs junior and senior endurance run were randomly selected into teams of three for this 19 lap event. The race is run as a relay with runners dipping in and out to run legs as each team’s tactics are employed. The only rule is each runner must run at least 3 laps. The last leg is run as a team with all3 team members running together

It was a close contest with all team s within 300 metres of each other for the entire event. The  winning team  finishing in 27 mins and 47 secs was Declan Cullen, Steve Parker and Matthew Hick. A close second was a team of 4 juniors; Ellie Wright, Isabella Hick, Ayshah Lawrence and Jack Halil. Third spot went to Aaaron Samuel, Amie Harrison and Doris Gaga. The consellation prize for the final team home was awarded to Bradley Deacon, Carlie Qirem and Sharon Honey.

Christmas Relay

Tuesday 19th December Result

1.    Declan Cullen  Steve Parker Matthew Hick    27.47

2.    Ayshah Lawrence Ellie Wright  Isabella Hick Jack Halil

3.    Aaron Samuel Amie Harrison  Doris Gaga

4.    Dennis Briggs  Gaye Young   Alan Pearl

5.    Jak Wright Nicola Hopkinson  Steve  Cheal

6.    Farris Patel Tony Young  Launa Broadley

7.    Keeshan Beckett-Edwards Bill Green  Diane  Deacxon

8.    Jordan Hinds Tony Beckett  Pauline  Tester

9.    Bradley Deacon  Carlie  Qirem  Sharon Honey

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