Ilford AC Press Report Week Ending Sunday 22nd September 2013  

Sep 242013

Finally, Hank handed me the Ingatestone 5 report, a crumbled piece of paper with beerstains on it and incomplete information, while muttering something about the Rose and Crown, Clarkey and Ray! I was about to replace him as the field correspondence with Carolina Chuck when he also handed over the Pleshey report. Hank stays for now! Ingatestone 5 15 September Ilford AC athletes took part in this annual roadrace at Ingatestone in Essex. Best of these was Steve Philcox in 9th place in a a fast time of 28 mins 24 secs, just 1 second outside his personal best for the distance. Bree Nordin also had a good race placing 6th in the ladies race in 35m 09s and taking …Read More