The Vest of British  

Sep 162013

Dear Martin, After all these years it’s finally emerged that an Ilford AC member’s T-shirt crossed the finishing line at an Olympic Games in a silver-medal position. PAUL NIHILL MBE HAS revealed he wore Ilford AC member FERGUS MURRAY’s T-shirt when coming 2nd in the 1964 Olympic Games 50 Kilometres’ Walk. Paul said that as he warmed-up it turned very cold and rain started teeming down. He realised his error in turning-up wearing just a GB representative singlet. Ilford AC’s 2nd ever Olympian – 10,000 Metres’ runner Fergus Murray – was at the start to cheer on UK walkers. Paul saw Fergus and asked for his white t-shirt, which he quickly put under his singlet seconds before the “off”. Just …Read More