Malcolm Muir  

Jul 212013

Name:  Malcolm Muir

Born: 02.05.74

Date Joined IAC : July 1999

Personal Bests:


100m 13.5

200m 28.2

400m 58.1

800m 2.05.6

1500m 4.15.6

3000m 9.03.6
5000m 15.40.0

10000m 33.04.6

3000s/c 10.14.7


5km 15.40

5 Miles 26.06

10km  32.06

10 Miles53.36

Half Marathon  71.31

20 Miles 1.53.53

Marathon 2.35.26

Notable Performances:  4th inter-counties half 2007 and essex to win essex
team gold!

Representative Honours: Essex for the road 10km,half and 20m track for 5000m
xc for inter-counties and the fell inter-counties!

My Biggest Disappointment: Not breaking 2.30 for marathon (yet)

My Most Embarassing Moment:  Getting beaten by ladies!

Typical Weeks Training: Train every days no speed work but lots of tempo runs
ave 50miles a week!

Favourite Sessions: 5xpints of cider 5xjds coke

Who is your Greatest Rival:. Bloomers

How would you improve the sport of Athletics: have more drinking races!

What car do you Drive: white van man!

Favourite Athlete or Sportsperson: Spencer Hempstead!

What other sports do you follow: Cricket and cycling

Best Country Visited: Canada

Favourite Food and Drink: Steak jd and coke

Favourite TV Shows: Only fools and horses

Last Film Seen: View to a kill

Last Book Read: British athletics 2013

Favourite Singer/Band: Travis

Last Album Brought:Queen best of

Last Concert Attended: Red hot chillies pepper

Do you have any Pets: Three cats

With you going on first leg, who else would be in your dream 4 x 400m team:

Andy Catton,Carol Muir and Pete Whiting!



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