Sam Malpass  

Jun 182013

Name: Sam Malpass

Born: 28th October 1995

Date Joined IAC: July 2011

Personal Bests:

60m: 7.16

100m : 11.1

200m: 22.7

400m: 48.84

Notable Performances: 1st in Essex Schools in 2012. 6 medals, 6 pbs in 6
races at Essex counties indoor in the 60m 200m and 400m. 1st at Essex
Counties for 400m in 2013

Representative Honours: Jack Petchy Award for helping the development of
younger students in PE, and breaking the District record for the 100m in
2012 with a time of 10.97

Most Satisfying Performances: Winning the Essex counties this year in the
400m, making me 2nd in London and 13th in the Country for the Under 20’s

My Biggest Disappointment: Missing out on a place at English Schools last
year even though I won at Essex Schools

My Most Embarrassing Moment: haven’t had one yet

Typical Weeks Training: Monday: running in the pool. Tuesday: Speed
Endurance. Wednesday: Running in pool. Thursday: Acceleration. Saturday:
Hill training

Favourite Sessions: My favourite sessions are acceleration as i love going

Who is your Greatest Rival: Myself

How would you improve the sport of Athletics: By putting more money into
grassroots level athletics

What car do you Drive: I don’t drive

Favourite Athlete or Sportsperson: Myself

What other sports do you follow: Football

Best Country Visited: USA

Favourite Food and Drink: Enchiladas and Water

Favourite TV Shows: Family Guy and Community

Last Film Seen: Fast and Furious 6

Last Book Read: Harry Potter in 2007

Favourite Singer/Band: Childish Gambino

Last Album Brought: Culdesac by Childish Gambino

Last Concert Attended: V Fest in 2012

Do you have any Pets: A hamster named Skittles

With you going on first leg, who else would be in your dream 4 x 400m team:
2nd – Usain Bolt, 3rd Michael Johnson, 4th Kerani James


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