Jenni Sheehan  

May 182013

Name:  Jenni Sheehan

Born: 01.04.1989

Date Joined IAC: Feb 2006

Personal Bests:

5k  22.20  Valentines Park 5k 2012

5 Mile 36.09  Ilford AC 5Mile championship 2011

10k 45.54 Brighton 10k 2010

Notable Performances: Winning a bronze Essex medal for the third ladies team at Braintree 5mile
2010 with Nicola and my mum

Representative Honours: Representing Ilford AC

Most Satisfying Performance:Essex League season 2013 where I had pretty good runs, especially at the
Orion meet

My Biggest Disappointment: Thinking I ran really well at the Essex Road Relays in 2013 only to get home
and check my time was faster 2 years ago!

My Most Embarassing Moment: Turning up to a Vets cross country race being the only senior there. And
they all beat me!

Typical Weeks Training: Monday: Circuits, Tuesday: track, Wednesday: short recovery run, Thursday:
Hills/Speed session, Friday: Rest, Saturday: Short recovery run, Sunday:
Long, slow run

Favourite Sessions: Hill work over Hainault/ Anything off road

Who is your Greatest Rival: My mum and my sister who also run for Ilford AC. We have good family

How would you improve the sport of Athletics:More money given to grass roots development through volunteers and coaches

What car do you Drive: Purple KA

Favourite Athlete or Sportsperson: Jessica Ennis and David Weir

What other sports do you follow: Badminton

Best Country Visited:  Australia- Loved how everyone was always outdoors and the weather is much
better than the UK!

Favourite Food and Drink: My nan’s roast dinner, I like a cheeky Malibu and Lemonade occasionally

Favourite TV Shows: Strictly Come Dancing, The Great British Bake Off, Masterchef

Last Film Seen: Iron Man 3

Last Book Read: Harry Potter (the 4th one)

Favourite Singer/Band: Michael Buble

Last Album Brought: Michael Buble

Last Concert Attended: The Big Reunion

Do you have any Pets: 3 Goldfish called Dean, Jonny and Nemo

With you going on first leg, who else would be in your dream 4 x 400m team:My Mum, My Dad and my Sister (a full packet of Crisps)


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