Ilford AC Walking Section Report – 28/04/2013  

Apr 282013

ROUND-AND-ROUND FOR 12 HOURS The annual Crawley Track 12 Hours, which although mainly attracts runners, always lures race walkers to it’s starting line at 7am on Saturday. It meant rising at 3.30am for Ilford’s intrepid duo! 20 faced the starter (from a record 31 entries) and Steve Allen claimed 8th place by covering 54 miles. Despite a few twinges, Olly Browne was 10th having accounted for 52 miles. Both were expertly attended to by Browne’s son Angus, an experience helper at ultra-distance events. It was a cold, wet and windy day at Crawley’s K2 Leisure Centre Track – indeed 2 gazebos were wrecked, though thankfully nobody was injured. Issued by Ilford AC Walking Section (01708-377382)