Steve Parker  

Apr 232013

Name: Steve Parker
Born: 25/05/56
Date Joined IAC: 5/06/07
Personal Bests:
Track :
5000m 20.25.4 Ilford 28/06/2011
5k 20.20 BarkingPark 25/08/2008
5 Mile 33.29 Ingatestone 28/09/2008
10k 41.32 Southend 04/10/2009
10 Miles 70.10 Great Baddow 17/05/2009
Half Marathon 91.27 Southend 08/06/2008
20 Miles 2 hours 29mins 29 secs Great Bromley 06/03/2011
Marathon 3 hours 10mins 49 secs London 13/04/08
Notable Performances: Winning a Gold at the Vets Champs Battersea Park. A silver & bronze in the Kent Coastal Half Marathon, 2nd in age group in Steelman Triathlon 2012
Representative Honours: G.B. Masters in Germany,Denmark & Finland. Had a Team Bronze for ten minutes, a long story.
Most Satisfying Performances: Getting through The Tough Guy Challenge in one piece, The Thanet 20M 01/03/09 in 2.29.22 A very hilly tough coarse
My Biggest Disappointment: Not taking up running earlier in life
My Most Embarrassing Moment: Starting to trip while running. Finding a nice soft piece of muddy grass to fall on next to a bus at a bus stop. The whole bus was wobbling with laughter.
Typical WeeksTraining: Mon. Pool swim for an hour, Tues. Track, Wed. Long bike ride,Thurs. Long run. Fri. 10 mile Hilly Fartlek, Sat. Open water swim. Sun Bikeride.
Favourite Sessions: Hilly Fartlek & Open water swim
Who is your Greatest Rival: Any guy with a 55 pinned to  his back
How would you improve the sport of Athletics: Make Athletics a more important part of school life so people grow up with it as part of their lives.
What car do you Drive: Fiesta
Favourite Athlete or Sportsperson: Chrissie Wellington
What other sports do you follow: Moto G.P. Speedway, Triathlon
Best Country Visited: New Zealand
Favourite Food and Drink: Skate & Mash, Rhubarb Crumble & a glass of Sauvignon Blanc
Favourite TV Shows: C.S.I, sport programs, a good documentary
Last Film Seen: I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle
Last Book Read: Running Until you’re 100 By Jeff Galloway
Favourite Singer/Band: Queen
Last Album Brought: Slow Burn By Reverend Raven & The chain  Smokin Altar Boys
Last Concert Attended: Thin Lizzy January 2013
Do you have any Pets: A gold fish Called Rover
With you going on the first leg, who else would be in your dream 4 x 400m team: Haile Gebrselasse, Paula Radcliffe & Ray Rawlinson


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